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Our Landscape & Cottage Interiors

Take a look at our lovely scenery. The first series of photos depicts landmarks around the Blue Water Area, including views from the St. Clair River.

The second series of photos includes sunrise on Lake Huron from the Armstrong's Lakeport Resort vantage point as well as evening fun activities around the beach bon fire pit.

Finally, you can get an up close view of our cottage interiors. Take a look, you'll agree the amenities are pleasing, clean and comfortable.

Blue Water Bridge

BB Bridge View from Beneath

Huron Lady

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Great Lakes Freighter

Armstrong's Lakeport Resort at Sunrise

Sunrise on Lake Huron

Bon Fire Fun

S'mores Galore

Resort Common & Play Area

Maritime Cottage Exterior

Maritime Cottage Living Area

Maritme Cottage Living Area View 2

Maritime Cottage Bath

Maritime Cottage Bedroom 1

Maritime Cottage Bedroom 2

Cozy Cottage Exterior

Cozy Cottage Living Area

Cozy Cottage Kitchen

Cozy Cottage Bath

Cozy Cottage Bedroom

Overlook Loft Exterior

Overlook Loft Living Area

Overlook Loft Kitchen

Overlook Loft Entrance to Bathroom

Overlook Loft Bedroom