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When You're Looking for Something Nearby...

Although we order it for our guest, we can't always guarantee a stay without a rainy day. Within walking distance or a short ride from the resort, you'll find everything you need:

(Please note: Armstrong's Lakeport Resort or its proprietors do not endorse these services or establishments, only offer the information for your convenience)

  • Lakeport Bar & Grill
  • Lakeport Market Full-Commodity Grocery Store
  • Lakeport Barber Shop
  • Lakeport Pepperoni Cow Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor
  • Lakeport Michigan State Day Park
  • Eastern Michigian Bank & ATM
  • Church Hall Monday Night Bingo
  • Churches
  • Dollar General
  • BBQ Food Drive Thru
  • Mobil Gas & Convenient Store
  • Big George's Restaurant & Bar
  • Tally Ho Restaurant & Bar
  • Wadham's Saw Mill City
  • Walmart, Meijers & Krogers
  • Birchwood Mall & It's Children's Play Area
  • M-25 Fort Gratiot McDonald's PlayLand

Upcoming Events:  Visit Blue Water.org

To find more about current events and activities, visit the Blue Water Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at: bluewater.org